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“We are trying for the better future for slum dwellers and street children from India”
It was the situation of draught and earth quake in the district of Latur that the community at large waiting for some help from the people and the institutions which compelled us to start our organization. This has compelled our president who discussed educational status and social issues of the community at need. The then Social welfare minded colleagues has expressed the grief of community and assured a all sort of help to the community to come in to the large canvas of the activities. This has opened the window of their educational development. It was the year of 1999.

This was the seeds planted by all the trustees for the children of slum tribes which added by a permission of B.C.A college for the same community students. Education was and is the centre point of work of the team of Ahilya Bahuddeshiya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (ABSPM) of which the team, itself hails from the community and have suffered a lot in the journey of their own life. A Social thinker by heart and a hardcore activist by nature have registered this organization on 24th Nov. 1999.

The team has seen the lives of street children and deprived women and has been a part of their lives. He seen and observed the lives of street children in the historic earth quake and continuous draught since 1972. The team has taken part in the relief work at earthquake affected area in Latur district of India. The organization is an outcome of the poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and injustice to the street children and slum dwellers. The team has decided to overcome all these manmade calamities and have impacted a lot by their acts and deeds through this organization. It is the vision of this organization to develop a society of the all community with all rights and facilities.




  • thumb1 Vilas Dhuppe, Secretary

    Ahilya Bahuudeshiya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Latur has trained approx. 5000 boys & girls of Latur who were engaged in slum brick industry, hotels and doing boot polish on road and sorting the garbage. In this, the society has offered the education & training of computer typing, electrical, sewing art and carpentry courses for one year and have trained every student and has enable the students to become self reliant and to lift the standard of living of the students as well as to bring them into the mainstream of school again. The society has been working efficiently for this purpose.

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