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About Us

Welcome to Our Website
Dear Sir/Madam,
We first take the privilege to introduce ourselves as an organization of Street Children’s and Child Labourer Students who have taken an oath to serve the society with full determination and devotion. We started our work with projects like Child Labour Prevention Programme, Computer and Sewing Machine Training, Creche Units, Short Stay Home etc.
It was during one of such campaigns that we were incidentally pulled towards an unfortunate incident a child’s had show’s in road side and he was hungry. Since then, we thought to do something potential for the children working on road, brick industry as well as those children working at railway station.
The society has started four vocational trades for such students since 1 April 2003. As a result, the basic skill of the student is on the verge of progress. In that, a beginning was made for the students under society to learn the studies of four trades. It includes Computer Training, Carpentering and sewing art accordingly electrical, such basic courses were started. These courses are being run for a period of 6 to 12 months. The work of rehabilitation of the students was started by the society with this venture. In that, the basic knowledge of all four trades is imparted to the students. Our society helps them to become self-reliant.
Out of the four trades, by way of computer training course, the students are given training and knowledge right from the starting of computer to typing an office letter.
Accordingly by way of tailoring course, the training is imparted to the girls and women about stitching of dress, stitching of blouse and by way of electrical course, the students are imparted training of complete light fitting as well as to repair the Television and other electronic equipment’s.
In the trade of carpentering, training is given to the students about the manufacturing of a small box, as well as to manufacture a household stool and other articles. Such kind of training is imparted to the students.
The society has started the working by picking up the students from brick industry, railway station, bus stand and to drop them in a training center of the society and every day, four hours training is imparted to the students and again, they are dropped to their homes. Such kind of working has been started by the society. The society makes efforts to engage some of those students in employment after completion of course of 6 months / 1 year, to make them self-reliant and makes efforts to enable them to establish a small industry. The society undertakes the work of picking up the students from their base station to school by bus and after imparting training of four hours, again they are dropped at their destinations.
The society has been undertaking the said work for the last 15 years. In this way, in the last 15 years, the society has trained about 5000 students of Latur District and the task of their rehabilitation has been done successfully and efficiently under the society.
The prominent aim of the society is to form an educational atmosphere in the students and to make their systematic rehabilitation under society. The society is continuing its work with utmost devotion and faith.




एक दिन एक कार्यक्रम के लिए उदगीर जाना हुआ आते समय रास्ते में एक वृद्ध किसान(उम्र ७०) अपनी पत्नी(उम्र65) के साथ खेत में काम कर रहे थे कुतुहल से मैंने पास जाकर उनका हालचाल पूछा तो पता चला कि उनका एक ही बेटा है और वह पूणे मे रहता है | उनको एक ही एकर जमीन है और अपनी जमीन में बैल तो नहीं रख सकते तो खेती का पूरा काम वह खुद ही करते हैं| वह दोनों अभी घर पर अकेले है ध्यान देने के लिए उनके पास कोई नहीं है एवं उनकी उपजीविका एक एकर जमीन पर ही चलती है|फिर भी उनके हौसले की दाद देनी पड़ेगी कि इस उम्र मे भी वो खुद के खेत में काम कर करके अपनी उपजीविका चला रहे हैं| मैंनेे उनको स्वास्थ्य के बारे मे पुछा तो पिठमे दर्द, खासी एव भूख न लगने की शिकायत बताई| मेरे पास गाडी मे दर्द नाशक क्रिम, पंचगव्यऔषधि थी तो वह हमने उनको देदी| उनका नाम और पता लीया औषधि एव यथासंभव मदत पोहचाने का आश्वासन दिया | बाजुवाले किसानो से बात करके इनकी खेती के काम बैलो द्वारा कर देने के लीये समजाया | धन्य हो बळीराजा.

  • thumb1 Vilas Dhuppe, Secretary

    Ahilya Bahuudeshiya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Latur has trained approx. 5000 boys & girls of Latur who were engaged in slum brick industry, hotels and doing boot polish on road and sorting the garbage. In this, the society has offered the education & training of computer typing, electrical, sewing art and carpentry courses for one year and have trained every student and has enable the students to become self reliant and to lift the standard of living of the students as well as to bring them into the mainstream of school again. The society has been working efficiently for this purpose.

Success Story



56 children enrolled into schools.

Child Protection

13 children were rescued from the clutches of child labour and 22 children were prevented from being trafficked